Sukhdeep S. Dhillon

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Lasers are usually described by their output frequency and intensity. However, laser operation is an inherently nonlinear process. Knowledge about the dynamic behaviour of lasers is thus of great importance for detailed understanding of laser operation and for improvement in performance for applications. Of particular interest is the time domain within the(More)
using resonant nonlinearities Julien Madéo, Pierrick Cavalié, Joshua R. Freeman, Nathan Jukam, Jean Maysonnave, Kenneth Maussang, Harvey. E. Beere, David. A. Ritchie, Carlo Sirtori, Jérôme Tignon and Sukhdeep S. Dhillon Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain, Ecole Normale Supérieure, UMR 8551 CNRS, Université P. et M. Curie, Université D. Diderot, 24 rue Lhomond,(More)
We measure the electric field of a train of modelocked pulses from a quantum cascade laser in the time-domain by electro-optic sampling. The method relies on synchronizing the modelocked pulses to a reference laser and is applied to 15-ps pulses generated by a 2-THz quantum cascade laser. The pulses from the actively modelocked laser are completely(More)
The emission of a quantum cascade laser can be synchronized to the repetition rate of a femtosecond laser through the use of coherent injection seeding. This synchronization defines a sampling coherence between the terahertz laser emission and the femtosecond laser which enables coherent field detection. In this letter the sampling coherence is measured in(More)
Interdigitated photoconductive antennas are powerful and easy-to-use sources of terahertz radiation for time-resolved spectroscopy. However, the emission of unwanted echoes, resulting from reflections of the emitted pulse in the antenna substrate, inherently limits the spectroscopic frequency resolution. A novel interdigitated photoconductive antenna that(More)
Tailoring the electro-magnetic response of materials beyond naturally occurring properties is possible with the concept of meta-materials [1]. Subwavelength elements which are usually closely spaced can influence the electro-magnetic response and form a fundamental building block of modern optics. The influence of the spacing of the meta-atoms has been(More)