Sukhada Fadnavis

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[1] In recent times it has become increasingly clear that releases of trace gases from human activity have a potential for causing change in the upper atmosphere. However , our knowledge of systematic changes and trends in the temperature of the mesosphere and lower thermo-sphere is relatively limited compared to the Earths lower atmosphere, and not much(More)
[1] We used SCIAMACHY (10:00 LT) and OMI (13:30 LT) tropospheric NO 2 columns to study diurnal and seasonal patterns in NO 2 concentrations over India. Using characteristics of seasonal variability in tropospheric NO 2 columns, we present a simple methodology to identify the dominant NOx source category for specific regions in India. Regions where the(More)
Integral geometry studies the link between expectation of random variables and geometrical quantities like length, area or curvature. This thesis focuses on how expectation of random variables can be used to define reasonable notions of geometrical size. The simple idea of looking at the shadow when a compact convex body in R n is orthogonally projected(More)
Vertical profiles of carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone retrieved from Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer have been analyzed during two super cyclone systems Mala and Sidr. Super cyclones Mala and Sidr traversed the Bay of Bengal (BOB) region on April 24-29, 2006 and November 12-16, 2007 respectively. The CO and ozone plume is observed as a strong enhancement(More)
Acknowledgements I have had the fortune to meet some of my closest friends and wisest advisors during my time as an undergraduate at Harvard. I humbly thank my advisor, Clifford Taubes, without whose advice and patience this thesis would not have been possible. Aside from suggesting useful sources in the literature, discussing the role of PDEs in geometry,(More)