Sukanya Yimngam

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Text-to-speech system is a system that converts the input text into speech sound. In Thai language, Thai text-to-speech system was developed in many years. There are many problems with Thai text to speech transformations such as Thai language is a Tonal language that differentiates from others languages. There are 4 main components in Thai text-to-speech(More)
In a text-to-speech system, emotional expression is one of the most important factors for speech synthesis processing. There are many research projects that have attempted to develop a system which can read text, such as a novel, with emotion. Emotional expression makes a story come alive and catches the listeners' attention. Research on emotional(More)
Noise in images can be found in almost scanning documents. The picture and text can be contaminated by additive noise from document scanning process or dirtiness in the document itself. This paper presents a scheme for Salt and Pepper noise reduction. This scheme combines the characteristics of an Applied kFill Algorithms and Median Filter by using window(More)
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