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Synthetic biology offers great promise to a variety of applications through the forward engineering of biological function. Most efforts in this field have focused on employing living cells, yet cell-free approaches offer simpler and more flexible contexts. Here, we evaluate cell-free regulatory systems based on T7 promoter-driven expression by(More)
Engineered gene circuits offer an opportunity to harness biological systems for biotechnological and biomedical applications. However, reliance on native host promoters for the construction of circuit elements, such as logic gates, can make the implementation of predictable, independently functioning circuits difficult. In contrast, T7 promoters offer a(More)
mRNA expression involves transcription initiation, elongation and degradation. In cells, these dynamic processes are highly regulated. However, experimental characterization of the dynamic processes in vivo is difficult due to the paucity of methods capable of direct measurements. We present a highly sensitive and versatile method enabling direct(More)
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