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Characterization of β-glucosidases from Hanseniaspora sp. and Pichia anomala with potentially aroma-enhancing capabilities in juice and wine
The properties of intracellular β-glucosidases produced from two yeast isolates identified as Hanseniaspora sp. BC9 and Pichia anomala MDD24 were characterized. β-Glucosidase from Hanseniaspora sp.Expand
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The characterisation of a novelPichia anomala β-glucosidase with potentially aroma-enhancing capabilities in wine
The production and characterisation of β-glucosidase from an isolated yeast strain classified as aPichia anomala MDD24 were studied. The result shows that cellobiose is a good inducer forExpand
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Growth and cyanide degradation of Azotobacter vinelandii in cyanide-containing wastewater system.
Azotobacter vinelandii, a strict aerobic nitrogen-fixing bacterium, has been extensively studied with regard to the ability of N2-fixation due to its high expression of nitrogenase and fast growth.Expand
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Candida konsanensis sp. nov., a new yeast species isolated from Jasminum adenophyllum in Thailand with potentially carboxymethyl cellulase-producing capability
A new yeast species (KKU-FW10) belonging to the Candida genus was isolated from Jasminum adenophyllum in the Plant Genetic Conservation Project under The Royal Initiative of Her Royal HighnessExpand
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Improvement of quality, membrane integrity and antioxidant systems in sweet pepper ('Capsicum annuum' Linn.) seeds affected by osmopriming
Seed priming is a complex physiological and biochemical process and offers an effective means to improve seed quality. This study focuses on the effect of priming process on quality and biochemicalExpand
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ABSTRACT  Wine fermentation was conducted with three different preparations of Krachai-Dum using tamarind juice as a base composition. In the first preparation, pieces of sliced Krachai-Dum wereExpand
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Hanseniaspora thailandica BC9 β-Glucosidase for the Production of β-D-Hexyl Glucoside.
For biotechnological production of high-valued β-D-hexyl glucoside, the catalytic properties of Hanseniaspora thailandica BC9 β-glucosidase purified from the periplasmic fraction were studied, andExpand
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