Suk-hyung Hwang

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We present a novel approach to build the contextualized folksonomy and concept hieracrhies from tags of blogosphere based on Formal Concept Analysis. Our approach is based on the assumption that if a blog has the relationships with others, they would use the similar set of tags. We collect the sample data from blogosphere randomly and then build the concept(More)
The core of the semantic Web is ontology, which supports interoperability among semantic Web applications and enables developer to reuse and share domain knowledge. The process of building an ontology is a high-cost process. The reality is that the construction of ontologies is an art rather than a science. Therefore, methodologies and supporting tools are(More)
Data Mining(also known as Knowledge Discovery) is defined as the non-trivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data. It includes not only methods for extracting information from the given data, but also visualizing the information. Formal Concept Analysis(FCA) is one of Data mining research fields, and it(More)
reuse by inheritance[l]. The other hand, Johnson and Opdyke suggest a high-level refactoring technique over the object-oriented frameworks[3]. They propose a reorganization method which transforms an i3-a relationship into a part-of relationship between classes, and vice versa. I n recent years there has been remwal of interest in the reorganization and(More)