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Microfabrication of millimeter wave vacuum electron devices by two-step deep-etch x-ray lithography
The circuits for millimeter wave vacuum electron devices with all circuit elements including an electron beam tunnel are microfabricated by two-step deep-etch x-ray lithography (x-ray LIGA). TheExpand
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Time-dependent current-voltage curves during the forming process in unipolar resistance switching
We investigated the time-dependent current-voltage curves of the forming process in unipolar resistance switching. We applied triggered-voltage triangular-waveform (pulse-waveform) signals withExpand
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Multilevel unipolar resistance switching in TiO2 thin films
We report on multilevel switching behavior in the unipolar resistance switching of TiO2 thin films. Multiple metastable states were observed during the reset process by measuring I-V curves. AsExpand
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Conversion from unipolar to bipolar resistance switching by inserting Ta2O5 layer in Pt/TaOx/Pt cells
We observed unipolar resistance switching in Pt/TaOx/Pt cells. We could make the cell have the bipolar resistance switching by inserting a stoichiometric Ta2O5 layer between Pt and TaOx layers.Expand
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Experimental investigations on miniaturized vacuum electron devices
We investigated foundations for high frequency vacuum electron devices, experimentally with emphasis on LIGA (deep etch X-ray lithography: lithographie, galvanoformung, abformung; German acronyms) toExpand
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Direct Evidence for the Radioprotective Effect of Various Carbohydrates on Plasmid DNA and Escherichia coli Cells
Damage to cells exposed to radiation is primarily attributed to direct effects on the structure of cellular DNA. Radiation-induced damage of pBluescript SK plasmid DNA and Escherichia coli DH5a wereExpand
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Identification of Amino-Acids Residues for Key Role in Dextransucrase Activity of Leuconostoc mesenteroides B-742CB
Dextransucrase (DSRB742) from Leuconostoc mesenteroides NRRL B-742CB is a glucosyltransferase that catalyzes the synthesis of dextran using sucrose, or the synthesis of oligosaccharides when acceptorExpand
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Ka-band folded waveguide traveling-wave tube experiment
The method to synthesize the main parameters of folded waveguide traveling tube (FWTWT) is studied and used for designing a Ka-band FWTWT. To estimate the synthesis, cold. and hot characteristicsExpand
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Fabrication and performance of 2-D compound X-ray refractive lenses
Due to the weak refraction of X-rays in matter, a focusing or deflection of X-ray using conventional refractive optics was not feasible. However, since compound X-ray refractive lens (CXRL) withExpand
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