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The products of the Brucella abortus virB gene locus, which are highly similar to conjugative DNA transfer system, enable the bacterium to replicate within macrophage vacuoles. The replicative phagosome is thought to be established by the interaction of a substrate of the VirB complex with macrophages, although the substrate and its host cellular target(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Stent placement for intracranial atherosclerosis has become an alternative treatment technique; however, stent placement for middle cerebral artery (MCA) stenosis remains a technical and clinical challenge. Our purpose was to assess the feasibility, safety, and effectiveness of stent placement for MCA stenosis. METHODS Between May(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In some patients with stenosis of an intracranial artery, navigating the balloon or stent-delivery system is difficult of tortuous anatomy of the aortic arch, carotid arteries, or vertebral arteries Our purpose was to describe techniques of intracranial stent placement that help in navigating the stent-delivery system in tortuous(More)
Brucella spp. are facultative intracellular pathogens that have the ability to survive and multiply in professional and non-professional phagocytes, and cause abortion in domestic animals and undulant fever in humans. The mechanism and factors of virulence are not fully understood. Nicotinamidase/pyrazinamidase mutant (pncA mutant) of Brucella abortus(More)
Breast metastases from extramammary malignancies are uncommon. The most common sources are lymphomas/leukemias and melanomas. Some of the less common sources include carcinomas of the lung, ovary, and stomach, and infrequently, carcinoid tumors, hypernephromas, carcinomas of the liver, tonsil, pleura, pancreas, cervix, perineum, endometrium and bladder.(More)
The essential mechanisms and virulence factors enabling Brucella species to survive and replicate inside host macrophages are not fully understood. The authors previously reported that a putative guanosine 5'-diphosphate 3'-diphosphate (ppGpp) mutant (spoT mutant) of Brucella abortus failed to replicate in HeLa cells. The present study showed that the(More)
The beneficial health promoting effects of ginseng from vitalizing the body to enhancing long life have been well explored very rapidly in the past few years. Up till now many ginsenosides have been discovered for their marvelous therapeutic effects. However during past three years, a novel ginseng compound has been discovered, called gintonin, that differs(More)
Orofacial clefts, including cleft lip with or without palate (CL/P) and cleft palate (CP), are one of the most common congenital malformations in Asian populations, where the rate of incidence is higher than in European or other racial groups. A number of candidate genes have been identified for orofacial clefts, although no single candidate has been(More)
BACKGROUND Brucella abortus can proliferate within professional and nonprofessional phagocytic host cells and thereby successfully bypass the bacteriocidal effects of phagocytes. However, the intracellular survival mechanism and factors of virulence are not fully understood. METHODS We have investigated the role of the regulator of G protein signaling 2(More)