Suk-Hyun Seo

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In real-time systems such as automotives, a distribution system is used to increase the reliability of the system. As the demand and complexity of the distribution system have increased, several automotive communication protocols have been introduced such as LIN, CAN, and FlexRay. Each node of the system chooses the communication protocol that is suitable(More)
In the automotive industry, the usage of microcontrollers has been increasing rapidly. Many mechanical parts of automobiles are being replaced with microcontrollers, and these microcontrollers are controlling various parts of the automobile, so communications between microcontrollers must be reliable. Until now, several protocols for automotive(More)
This article describes a reliable gateway for in-vehicle networks. Such networks include local interconnect networks, controller area networks, and FlexRay. There is some latency when transferring a message from one node (source) to another node (destination). A high probability of error exists due to different protocol specifications such as baud-rate, and(More)
This paper presents smart vehicle management system (SVMS) that consists of gateway, hand-set and vehicle management program (VMP). Nowadays, a vehicle contains many electronic devices connected with LIN, CAN and FlexRay in order to meet the needs of customers and improve the performance of the vehicle. As the number of electronic devices has increased,(More)
The gateway system is an essential component to communicate network-to-network with different protocols inside a distributed system. The reliability of the automotive gateway system is very important because it is a safety-critical system. Therefore, we propose a method of improving the reliability of the gateway system by using OSEK/VDX. We consider two(More)
As the complexity of automotive networks systems increased, network management mechanisms becoming more important. Although OSEK/VDX includes network management (NM), it is too expensive to use in all ECUs. Since some electronic control units (ECUs) provide only simple functionality, they do not need to use the whole range of OSEK/VDX functions. In this(More)
In recent years there has been a significant increase in the amount of electronics that have been introduced into the car, and this trend is expected to continue as car manufacturers introduce further advances in safety, reliability and comfort. The introduction of advanced control systems combining multiple sensors, actuators and electronic control units(More)
This paper describes a practical training course for engineering students on embedded systems that are based on electronic control units (ECU) that use the Freescale HCS12 microcontroller. An evaluation board was designed as a single platform for academic purposes and it was implemented with a Freescale HCS12 microcontroller, sensors, a motor, an LED(More)
There are many embedded systems in the environment. Users are demanding increasingly advanced embedded systems. For these reasons, embedded systems have became more complicated and require a lot of time for designing. Model-based programming has came into the spotlight in the embedded system industry that demands short time-to-market, especially in the(More)
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