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Continuous focusing of microparticles using inertial lift force and vorticity via multi-orifice microfluidic channels.
We developed a new microfluidic method for focusing microparticles through the combined use of inertial lift forces and turbulent secondary flows generated in a topographically patternedExpand
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Contactless NMR spectroscopy on a chip.
Inductively coupled planar resonators offer convenient integration of high-resolution NMR spectroscopy with microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices. Planar spiral resonators are fabricatedExpand
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Fine-tuned grayscale optofluidic maskless lithography for three-dimensional freeform shape microstructure fabrication.
This article presents free-floating three-dimensional (3D) microstructure fabrication in a microfluidic channel using direct fine-tuned grayscale image lithography. The image is designed as aExpand
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Migration distance-based platelet function analysis in a microfluidic system.
Aggregation and adhesion of platelets to the vascular wall are shear-dependent processes that play critical roles in hemostasis and thrombosis at vascular injury sites. In this study, we designed aExpand
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A microfluidic magnetic bead impact generator for physical stimulation of osteoblast cell
We developed a novel microfluidic cell culture device in which magnetic beads repetitively collide with osteoblast cells, MC3T3‐E1, owing to attractive forces generated by pulsed electromagneticExpand
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Direct measurement of the in vitro hemoglobin content of erythrocytes using the photo-thermal effect of the heme group.
Blood hemoglobin is an important diagnostic parameter in measuring overall health. The hemoglobin molecule and the iron it contains absorb light energy, leading to thermal changes. This paperExpand
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Novel application of Joule heating to maintain biocompatible temperatures in a fully integrated electromagnetic cell sorting system
Abstract Manipulation of magnetically labeled cells in a microfluidic channel is becoming a very important technique in the field of biomedical science. A microfabricated electromagnet produces aExpand
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Functional Microparticle R&D for IVD and Cell Therapeutic Technology: Large-Scale Commercialized Products
The global R&D of functional materials have become more prominent and are expected to increase with a high growth rate through 2022. High demand due to current and emerging applications, superiorExpand
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Continuous Micro-Magnetophoretic Separation using a Dipole Magnetic Field
The use of a dipole magnetic field on particle separation in a microfluidic channel is introduced. We compare a monopole magnetic field with a dipole magnetic field by computer simulation, and theExpand
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Fabrication of Free-floating Nanohybrid Microparticles with ZnO Nanowire Surfaces
A photopolymerization technique with UV-photocurable materials using optofluidic maskless lithography (OFML) provides great flexibility in generating microstructure in microfluidic channels, such asExpand