Suk-Bok Kang

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This paper derives the entropy of a generalized half-logistic distribution based on Type-II censored samples, obtains some entropy estimators by using Bayes estimators of an unknown parameter in the generalized half-logistic distribution based on Type-II censored samples and compares these estimators in terms of the mean squared error and the bias through(More)
In many life-testing and reliability studies, the experimenter might not always obtain complete information on failure times for all experimental units. Multiply Type-II censored sampling arises in a life-testing experiment whenever the experimenter does not observe the failure times of some units placed on a life-test. In this paper, we obtain estimators(More)
The exponentiated half-logistic distribution has various shapes depending on its shape parameter. Therefore, this paper proposes more efficient approach methods for estimating shape parameters in the presence of a nuisance parameter, that is, a scale parameter, from Bayesian and non-Bayesian perspectives if record values have an exponentiated half-logistic(More)
Many studies have considered a truncated and censored samples which are type-I, type-II and hybrid censoring scheme. The inverse Weibull distribution has been utilized for the analysis of life testing and reliability data. Also, this distribution is a very flexible distribution. The inverse Rayleigh distribution and inverse exponential distribution are a(More)
In this paper, we derive maximum likelihood estimators (MLEs) and approximate maximum likelihood estimators (AMLEs) of unknown parameters in a generalized half logistic distribution under Type-II hybrid censoring. We also obtain approximate confidence intervals using asymptotic variance and covariance matrices based on the MLEs and the AMLEs. As an(More)
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