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The use of Rozen's reagent (HOF⋅CH3 CN) to convert polythiophenes to polymers containing thiophene-1,1-dioxide (TDO) is described. The oxidation of polythiophenes can be controlled with this potent, yet orthogonal reagent under mild conditions. The oxidation of poly(3-alkylthiophenes) proceeds at room temperature in a matter of minutes, introducing up to 60(More)
Fluorinated, contorted hexabenzocoronenes (HBCs) have been synthesized in a facile manner via Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of fluorinated phenyl boronic acids followed by photocyclization and Scholl cyclization. In addition to the molecular conformation observed in previous HBC derivatives, close-contact fluorine-fluorine intramolecular interactions result in a(More)
PAMAM dendrimers have been constructed with a pyridoxamine core, and chiral capping amino groups. Transamination to form phenylalanine and alanine from their related ketoacids produced enantioselectivities induced by the formally remote chiral caps, supporting computer models that indicate folding of the dendrimer chains back into the core region.
We have designed and synthesized five azulene derivatives containing gold-binding groups at different points of connectivity within the azulene core to probe the effects of quantum interference through single-molecule conductance measurements. We compare conducting paths through the 5-membered ring, 7-membered ring, and across the long axis of azulene. We(More)
Thiophene-1,1-dioxide (TDO) oligomers have fascinating electronic properties. We previously used thermopower measurements to show that a change in charge carrier from hole to electron occurs with increasing length of TDO oligomers when single-molecule junctions are formed between gold electrodes. In this article, we show for the first time that the dominant(More)
Free-radical polymers of 4-vinylimidazole and copolymers with 1-dodecyl-4-vinylimidazole were used as enzyme mimics to transaminate pyruvic acid to alanine, phenylpyruvic acid to phenylalanine, and indole-3-pyruvic acid to tryptophan in water at pH 7.5 and 20 degrees C using pyridoxamines carrying hydrophobic side chains as coenzyme mimics. The best enzyme(More)
Single-excitation dual-color coherent lasing was achieved in a mixed random system of a binary dye and the suspension of gold-silver porous nanowires with plenty of nanogaps. This greatly enhanced the local electromagnetic field in the visible range and guaranteed a low threshold and high Q factor (>10 000) operator for simultaneous dual-color lasing. By(More)
Using scanning tunneling microscope break-junction experiments and a new first-principles approach to conductance calculations, we report and explain low-bias charge transport behavior of four types of metal-porphyrin-gold molecular junctions. A nonequilibrium Green's function approach based on self-energy corrected density functional theory and optimally(More)
PAMAM dendrimers with double thioether arms have been synthesized with a pyridoxamine core and terminal chiral amino groups. Transamination to afford natural isomers of phenylalanine and alanine induced enantioselectivity by the peripheral chiral caps, supporting a computer model that indicates folding of dendrimer chains back into the core.