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BACKGROUND Identification of transcription factors (TFs) responsible for modulation of differentially expressed genes is a key step in deducing gene regulatory pathways. Most current methods identify TFs by searching for presence of DNA binding motifs in the promoter regions of co-regulated genes. However, this strategy may not always be useful as presence(More)
This paper presents a personalized news recommendation system that combines effective ways of understanding new articles with novel ways of modelling evolving user interest profiles to deliver relevant news articles to a user. A news article is represented as a taxonomy of hierarchical abstractions that capture different semantic facets of the news story. A(More)
Copy detection is an important component of digital rights management and can be implemented using a retrieval-based approach. Under this approach, a query image, suspected to be a copy, is compared against all the images in the owner database. The comparison is done based on a distance metric in feature space. The performance of such a system depends on(More)
Traditional (based on psychology) approaches for personality assessment of an individual require him/her to fill up a questionnaire. This paper presents a novel way of <i>utilizing multimodal cues to automatically fill up the questionnaire</i>. The contributions of this work are three-fold. (1) Novel <b>psychology-based audio/visual/lexical features are(More)