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Keywords: Feature selection Feature weighting Evolutionary multi-objective optimization MOEA/D Inter-and intra-class distances a b s t r a c t Selection of feature subset is a preprocessing step in computational learning, and it serves several purposes like reducing the dimensionality of a dataset, decreasing the computational time required for(More)
Recent efforts in computer vision consider joint scene and object classification by exploiting mutual relationships (often termed as context) between them to achieve higher accuracy. On the other hand, there is also a lot of interest in online adaptation of recognition models as new data becomes available. In this paper, we address the problem of how models(More)
The huge amount of time required to construct a set of labeled images to train a classifier has led researchers to develop algorithms which can identify the most informative training images, such that labelling those will be sufficient to achieve a considerable classification accuracy. In this paper we focus on choosing a subset of the most informative and(More)
We present design, fabrication and operation characteristics of AlGaAs-based transceiver chips with monolithically integrated VCSELs and PIN photodetectors. Up to 7 Gbit/s data transmission over a 500m long standard multimode fiber is demonstrated.
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