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We are addressing the efficient processing of continuous XML streams, in which the server broadcasts XML data to multiple clients concurrently through a multicast data stream, while each client is fully responsible for processing the stream. In our framework, a server may disseminate XML fragments from multiple documents in the same stream, can repeat or(More)
The increased usage of mobile devices coupled with an unprecedented demand for information has pushed the scalability problem of pull-based data service to the focus. A broadcast model of streaming data over a wireless medium has been proposed to be a viable alternative for information dissemination. In the streaming broadcast model, servers broadcast data(More)
We are presenting a framework for continuous querying of time-varying streamed XML data. A continuous stream in our framework consists of a finite XML document followed by a continuous stream of updates. The unit of update is an XML fragment, which can relate to other fragments through system-generated unique IDs. The reconstruction of temporal data from(More)
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