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The purpose of speech enhancement techniques is to improve quality and intelligibility of speech without producing any artifact. The speech enhancement algorithms are designed to suppress additive background noise and convolutive distortion or reverberation. The need for enhancement of noisy speech in communication systems increases with the spread of(More)
The capability to monitor finely the physical properties of eumelanin, an important class of biopolymers, involved in melanoma cancer pathologies, whose function and intrinsic disorder still collects the interest of many investigators, was achieved by means of electrospray deposition (ESD). By alleviating the problem of the solubility of melanin through the(More)
Introduction Surfactants are compounds with molecular structure consisting of a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic part. The hydrophobic part is generally a long hydrocarbon chain whereas the hydrophilic part consists of an ionic or polar group. Due to this characteristic structure, these compounds have special properties like lowering of the surface tension of(More)
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