Sujit K. Biswas

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This paper presents a signaling and control architecture for mobility support in a \wireless ATM" network that provides integrated broadband services to mobile terminals. ATM signaling and wireless control capabilities required for mobility services are discussed, and preliminary solutions are given for selected major functions. Potential extensions to(More)
This paper presents the effectiveness of a microgrid (MG) in a distribution system. The combined heat and power (CHP) system is used to enhance the overall efficiency of the power system. Microturbines are used for CHP operation in this paper. The various methods of control of the MG are discussed. A simple low-cost model is proposed for MG based on(More)
A battery Energy storage system (BESS) based voltage and frequency controller (VFC), for an Autonomous Asynchronous Generator (ASG) driven by an uncontrolled pico hydro turbine used in constant power mode, is presented in this paper. Excitation of the asynchronous generator with capacitor bank enables it to generate rated voltage at no load. The additional(More)
The FAO AquaCrop model has been widely applied throughout the world to simulate crop responses to deficit water applications. However, its application to saline conditions is not yet reported, though saline soils are common in coastal areas. In this study, we parameterized and tested AquaCrop to simulate rice yield under different salinity regimes. The data(More)
Shunt active filters play a vital role in harmonic elimination as well as reactive power compensation in the power systems with a large concentration of non-linear loads. The implementation of the shunt active filters requires a careful selection of its various power components. In this paper, design and analysis aspects of a three-phase four-wire shunt(More)
In recent years, the significance of distributed generation has increased rapidly in distribution system. The prominent goal of DG placement is to measure the optimized location, type and sizes of DGs for getting best efficiency by maximizing or minimizing different constraints. This work investigates the recent research in the field of Swarm intelligence(More)
Diode and thyristor based solid state converters are preferred because of their high reliability in applications for bulk power conversion. These converters generally use Power diodes or SCR (silicon controlled rectifiers) which has non-linear characteristics. Due to this reason such converters generate highly non-sinusoidal currents at the power supply(More)
A new three-phase current source inverter topology is presented, consisting of three single-phase bridge inverters connected in series and feeding the isolated windings of a standard three-phase induction motor. Because a current zero in one phase now does not affect the others, it enables the implementation of a wide range of current PWM patterns for the(More)
Wireless power transmission systems has revolutionized the transmission of power in various application. The concept has gained momentum recently. This work presents an exhaustive insight and detailed discussion on the components of a systems having Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and the various techniques used for its implementation. The use of WPT in(More)