Sujeong Woo

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This paper presents a new method to detect attack patterns in security-critical systems, based on a new notion of Behavior Ontology. Generally security-critical systems are large and complex, and are subject to be attacked by attackers in every possible way. Therefore it is very complicated to detect various attacks systematically in some semantic(More)
Being very large and extremely complex, distributed real-time systems are specified by formal methods, such as state machines and process algebras, and are verified by temporal and spatial logics. However the methods have some limitations in the specification and verification, since process algebras mainly focus on the in-the-large view of the systems and,(More)
A number of process algebras have been proposed to develop distributed mobile systems: Pi-Calculus[1,2], Mobile Ambients Calculus[3], Bigraph[4,5], etc. However the algebras are not well suitable for understanding the interactions and mobility of the processes in the large and complex systems due to the lack of abstraction to handle the size and complexity.(More)
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