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Crossbar switches (XS) are predominantly used as switching fabric in different network components such as network switches, routers, bridges, etc. These components form an important part of the communication network and the Internet. While many implementations exist in research literature for various types of XS, they are limited to a few types. NS2 is a(More)
Floating Point Units (FPUs) pose a singular challenge for traditional verification methods, such as coverage driven simulation, given the large and complex data paths and intricate control structures which renders those methods incomplete and error prone. Formal verification (FV) has been successfully leveraged to achieve the high level of quality desired(More)
WSN has collection of sensor nodes, generally these sensor nodes tiny in size, less power and less cost and multifunctional in nature. Different routing protocols aim is to optimize lifetime and energy of the sensor networks. A lot of routing protocol in wireless sensor network also current senerio dependent, which gives the plateform to develop variety of(More)
Nowadays wireless sensor network (WSN) plays an important role in every field of technology. Data collection is a major issue in WSN because the data has to be collected in a way that maximizes life time of WSN, minimizes the energy consumption and gives shortest path in case of mobile sinks. In this paper we divide the whole network into grids. Certain(More)
Wireless Sensor Network is huge number of sensor nodes disposed randomly in severe field to gather data. It monitors physical phenominan changes such as temperature, pressure, humidity, solar radiation, ambident light extra. Sensor nodes are small in size, having less energy, less communication power, less cost and multi functional nodes. This paper we(More)
A wireless sensor network (WSN) having less cost, less power, small in size and multifunctional sensor node. Routing protocols in WSNs highlight on limited battery power, limited transmission range as well as processing and storage capabilities. The most important thing of a routing protocol, in order to be efficient for WSNs, is the energy consumption and(More)
Formation control of multi-vehicle system has been studied as a combination of estimation problem and tracking problem. Virtual structure based formation control strategy is applied which solves the problem of formation maintenance and movement using a control architecture in hierarchical manner. The control architecture is distributed in nature and(More)
A large amount of health statistics of the Indian population has recently become available in the public domain owing to the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP). This statistical data is beneficial if it can be used to obtain meaningful inferences from data-driven models. Analysis and visualization of such data has been a challenge and(More)
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