Sujeet Kumar Sharma

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Keywords: Cloud computing TAM Job opportunity Neural networks a b s t r a c t Cloud computing is a recent and significant development in the domain of network applications with a new information technology perspective. This study attempts to develop a hybrid model to predict motivators influencing the adoption of cloud computing services by information(More)
Mobile learning (m-learning) is a field that involves the use of mobile computing and wireless technology to enable learning occur anytime, anyplace and anywhere. The implementation strategies of mobile learning are very important for every nation due to the advantages that come with it, e. g. ease of access to education and enhanced interaction between(More)
The image segmentation is the basic step in the detection of tumors in various medical images. Specially when used for CAD system. Presence of pectoral muscles gives very false results in the detection process. Removing pectoral muscles is a very important issue in Mammograms. This paper address this issues of Pectorial muscles removal from the mammogram(More)
In an effort to search for more active antiinflammatory agent, a series of pyrazolinylbenzidines and isoxazolylbenzidines was designed, synthesized, and screened for their potential as novel orally inflammation inhibitors. Compounds 4,4'-bis-(1"-acetyl-5"-substitutedaryl-2"-pyrazolin-3"-yl)benzidines (8-13) and(More)
The c-Jan N-terminal kinases are members of the mitogen activated protein kinase family of signaling proteins. Amino pyridine based compounds, 4-anilino pyrimidine derivatives, and 2-pyridine carboxamide derivatives have been identified as potent JNK inhibitors with good cellular activity. In this study we calculated molecular topological and quantum(More)
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