Sujay Bhattacharya

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The exposed residual crust in the Eastern Ghats Province records ultrahigh temperature (UHT) metamorphic conditions involving extensive crustal anatexis and melt loss. However, there is disagreement about the tectonic evolution of this late Mesoproterozoic–early Neoproterozoic orogen due to conflicting petrological, structural and geochronological(More)
We report on the spreading of triboelectrically charged glass particles on an oppositely charged surface of a plastic cylindrical container in the presence of a constant mechanical agitation. The particles spread via sticking, as a monolayer on the cylinder's surface. Continued agitation initiates a sequence of instabilities of this monolayer, which first(More)
Self organization of large-scale structures in nature - either coherent structures like crystals, or incoherent dynamic structures like clouds - is governed by long-range interactions. In many problems, hydrodynamics and electrostatics are the source of such long-range interactions. The tuning of electrostatic interactions has helped to elucidate when(More)
The dielectric response of La-and Dy-doped BiFeO<sub>3</sub> thin films at microwave frequencies (up to 12 GHz) has been monitored as a function of frequency, dc electric and magnetic fields. Both the real and imaginary parts of the response have been found to be non-monotonic (oscillating) functions of measuring frequency. These oscillations are not(More)
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