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The effects of photosystem II antenna size on reaction center-type energy-dependent quenching (qE) were examined in rice plants grown under two different light intensities using both wild type and qE-less (OsPsbS knockout) mutant plants. Reaction center-type qE was detected by measuring non-photochemical quenching at 50 micromol photons m(-2) s(-1) white(More)
BACKGROUND Chandraprabha vati is a classical Ayurvedic formulation, markedly used for mitigation of Prameha, which correlates in many ways with obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus. OBJECTIVE The present study was aimed to investigate effect of Chandraprabha vati in experimentally-induced hyperglycemia and lipid profile alterations. (More)
BACKGROUND We assessed the relationship of body mass index (BMI), smoking, drinking and solid fuel use (r; SFU), and the individual and combined effects of these factors on wheezing symptoms (WS) and on diagnosed asthma (DA). METHODS We analysed 175 000 individuals from 51 nationally representative surveys, using self-reports of WS and DA as the measures(More)
in honor of Professor Govindjee. The conference provided an opportunity to felicitate him for the numerous significant and outstanding contributions in the field of photosynthesis research (also see Eaton-Rye 2007a, b). His dedication for communicating photosynthesis and his passion for the ''History of Photosynthesis Research'' has been commendable. He has(More)
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