Sujana Adapa

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Ice cream mixes and frozen ice creams at milk fat levels of 12%, 8%, 6%, 6% plus a protein-based fat replacer, and 6% plus a carbohydrate-based fat replacer were evaluated for viscoelastic properties by dynamic testing with sinusoidal oscillatory tests at various frequencies. The storage modulus (G'), loss modulus (G"), and tan delta (G"/G') were calculated(More)
The goal of this study was to investigate the factors that influence how consumers continue to use, and how frequently they use, internet banking in Australia. Patterns of continued use and frequency of use of internet banking have been neglected as most of the existing studies focus on either consumer adoption or acceptance of internet banking. However, in(More)
This chapter sets out to investigate: (a) the extent to which Western-style shopping centres affected women’s culture and (b) the reasons for family members to imitate relatives and subsequently purchase unaffordable apparel in Riyadh. In order to address these research questions, in-depth interviews were conducted with Saudi women shoppers at Western-style(More)
The aim of this research is to explore the utility of collaborative innovation landscape within the government Family and Community Services (FACS) organisation in Australia. Exploring the presence or absence of the collaborative innovation landscape within public sector organisations is important, as the organisation’s objectives combined with the(More)
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