Sujan Sengupta

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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Intermittent cholera outbreaks are major problem in many of the states of India. It is essential to identify cholera at the earliest for timely mobilization of public health responses and to abort the outbreaks. The present study was a part of a diarrhoeal outbreak investigation in Secunderabad, India, during May 2009 where the(More)
Considering the observed anisotropy in cosmic microwave background radiation (∆T /T ≤ 10 −4) an upper limit on the electric charge asymmetry over a cosmologi-cal scale is found which is several orders more stringent than those found earlier. The same argument constrains the charge of massless, degenerate neutrinos. One possibility which has excited(More)
The ohmic decay of magnetic fields confined within the crust of neutron stars is considered by incorporating the effect of space-time curvature produced by the intense gravitational field of the star. It is shown that general relativistic effect reduces the magnetic field decay rate substaintially and specially at the late time of the evolution the decay(More)
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