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A 45nm 8-core enterprise Xeon ® processor
A 2.3B transistors, 8-core, 16-thread 64-bit Xeon® EX processor with a 24MB shared L3 cache was implemented in a 45nm 9-metal process. Expand
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A 65-nm Dual-Core Multithreaded Xeon® Processor With 16-MB L3 Cache
This paper describes a dual-core 64-b Xeon MP processor implemented in a 65-nm eight-metal process. Expand
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A 45 nm 8-Core Enterprise Xeon¯ Processor
This paper describes a 2.3 Billion transistors, 8-core, 16-thread, 64-bit Xeon® EX processor with a 24 MB shared L3 cache implemented in a 45 nm nine-metal process. Expand
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Clock Generation and Distribution of a Dual-Core Xeon Processor with 16MB L3 Cache
The clock generation and hybrid clock distribution for a dual-core Xeon processor with 16MB L3 cache are designed for <11ps global clock skew in a 435mm2 die. Expand
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SkyLake-SP: A 14nm 28-Core xeon® processor
SkyLake-SP (Scalable Performance), code name SKX, is the next generation Xeon® server processor fabricated on the Intel 14nm tri-gate CMOS technology with 11-metal layers [1,2]. Expand
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A 65nm 95W Dual-Core Multi-Threaded Xeon® Processor with L3 Cache
This paper describes a 95 W dual-core 64-bit Xeonreg MP processor implemented in a 65 nm 8 metal layer process that operates at a 95W thermal design power envelope at the target product frequency. Expand
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Cascade Lake: Next Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor
This paper introduces advances in the performance of AI and deep learning inference application on the next generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor, code-named Cascade Lake, which also includes support for Intel Optane DC persistent memory, a breakthrough nonvolatile memory technology that bridges the gap between DRAM and storage. Expand
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5.4 Ivytown: A 22nm 15-core enterprise Xeon® processor family
The next-generation enterprise Xeon® server processor has 15 dual-threaded 64b Ivybridge cores [1] and 37.5MB shared L3 cache. Expand
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A 22 nm 15-Core Enterprise Xeon® Processor Family
This paper describes a 4.3B transistors, 15-cores, 30-threads enterprise Xeon® processor with a 37.5 MB shared L3 cache implemented in a 22 nm 9M Hi-K metal gate tri-gate process. Expand
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Power reduction techniques for an 8-core xeon® processor
This paper presents the power reduction and management techniques for the 45nm, 8-core Nehalem-EX processor. Expand
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