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This paper presents and analyzes the results of millimeter-wave 60-GHz frequency range propagation channel measurements that are performed in various indoor environments for continuous-route and direction-of-arrival (DOA) measurement campaigns. The statistical parameters of the propagation channel, such as the number of paths, the RMS delay spread, the path(More)
In this paper, the performance of 60 GHz MIMO system is analyzed based on experimental data. The mutual information (MI) of the measured channel is compared to the MI of an iid MIMO Rayleigh channel. It is seen that the mean MI of the channels are quite close to each other. Then, the MI of the MIMO system is compared to the one of a MIMO system with antenna(More)
In this paper, the coexistence interference of 28 GHz-band International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) and fixed-satellite service systems is analyzed based on actual satellite orbit and coverage information. Specifically, the aggregate interferences of IMT system base stations (BS) to fixed-satellite service networks are studied, considering IMT base(More)
In this paper, based on experimental channel measurements performed at 60 GHz in a typical indoor environment for both LOS and NLOS scenarios, the interdependencies of different channel parameters are investigated for different antenna configurations. Specifically, the channel characteristic interdependencies are examined by calculating correlation(More)
The probability density functions (PDF) of the firstand second-phase variation for multipath envelope in space are derived based on a wideband measured database at 5.3 GHz for indoor and outdoor mobile communications. The first-phase variation follows either a symmetrical or asymmetrical Gaussian distribution, and the second-phase variation follows a(More)
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