Suisong Zhu

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De-identification, identifying and removing all protected health information (PHI) present in clinical data including electronic medical records (EMRs), is a critical step in making clinical data publicly available. The 2014 i2b2 (Center of Informatics for Integrating Biology and Bedside) clinical natural language processing (NLP) challenge sets up a track(More)
Time is an important aspect of information and is very useful for information utilization. The goal of this study was to analyze the challenges of temporal expression (TE) extraction and normalization in Chinese clinical notes by assessing the performance of a rule-based system developed by us on a manually annotated corpus (including 1,778 clinical notes(More)
Despite recent progress in prediction and prevention, heart disease remains a leading cause of death. One preliminary step in heart disease prediction and prevention is risk factor identification. Many studies have been proposed to identify risk factors associated with heart disease; however, none have attempted to identify all risk factors. In 2014, the(More)
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