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The range of applicability and the critical parameters involved in the assessment of mitochondrial electrical potential (delta psi mit) using epifluorescence microscopy were evaluated based on both theoretical and experimental analysis. Rat hepatocytes loaded with the potential-dependent fluorescent dye rhodamine 123 exhibited the expected heterogeneity of(More)
MR diffusion tensor imaging (DT-MRI) is a new technology which reflects the direction of molecule diffusion better than traditional diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) does. DT-MRI has great advantages of showing the distribution of white matter fiber path and its spatial structures because the water molecules in brain white matters have the obvious(More)
  • B Zeng, S Chen
  • 2001
This study was aimed to find some parameters for characterizing the modulation transfer function (MTF) specific to diagnosing eye diseases. Least-square regression method was used for MTF curve (at logarithmic axis) fitting with quadratic equation so as or cubic equation to obtain the desired parameters. The data of normal and some eye diseases were fitted(More)
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