Sui-Jian Qi

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BACKGROUND The prevalence of obesity among children is growing in China at present. Childhood obesity reflects complex interactions of genetic, environmental, social and behavioral factors. Foods, nutritional components, and food intake patterns may be associated with the increasing obesity rate in children. DATA SOURCES Articles about the relationship(More)
Nine cinnamoyl amides with amino acid ester (CAAE) moiety were synthesized by the conjugation of the corresponding cinnamic acids (cinnamic acid, 4-hydroxy cinnamic acid, ferulic acid and caffeic acid) with amino acid esters, and their inhibitory effects on the activities of mushroom tyrosinase were investigated, using l-3,4-dihydroxyl-phenylalanine(More)
Aqueous two-phase systems, based on the use of natural quaternary ammonium compounds, were developed to establish a benign biotechnological route for efficient protein separation. In this study, aqueous two-phase systems of two natural resources betaine and choline with polyethyleneglycol (PEG400/600) or inorganic salts (K2 HPO4 /K3 PO4 ) were formed. It(More)
In this study, enzymatic selective esterification of oleic acid with glycerol based on deep eutectic solvent acting as substrate and solvent was studied. As choline chloride (ChCl) or betaine can effectively change the chemical reaction characteristics of glycerol when they are mixed with a certain molar ratio of glycerol, several factors crucial to the(More)
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