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Serially Concatenated Overlapped Code Division Multiplexing (SC-OVCDM) system was presented. In this system, for input of OVCDM can be arbitrary modulated symbol, Trellis-coded modulation (TCM) code is firstly employed as outer code, OVCDM code with short constraint length is inner code, a symbol interleaver serially concatenates them. We employ serially(More)
The 3 August 2014 Ludian earthquake with a moment magnitude scale (Mw) of 6.1 induced widespread landslides in the Ludian County and its vicinity. This paper presents a preliminary analysis of the distribution patterns and characteristics of these co-seismic landslides. In total, 1826 landslides with a total area of 19.12 km 2 triggered by the 3 August 2014(More)
—Improved Overlapped Code Division Multiplexing system with high spectral efficiency, called Nonlinear OVCDM system, is proposed. Different from linear OVCDM system,the input alphabet of this system belongs to {0,1} and elements in the codeword matrix are real numbers. A nonlinear function and time varying codeword matrix is used to replace linear operation(More)
Shortened BCH Codes are first used in SC-OVCDM system to overcome the disadvantage of higher error floor in a kind of SC-OVCDM systems in this paper, system model and key points of design for proposed system are described, there are two key points in system design: interleaving way and code rate of shortened BCH. Simulations and analysis demonstrate: block(More)
The development of landslide susceptibility maps is of great importance due to rapid urbanization. The purpose of this study is to present a method to integrate the subjective weight with objective weight for regional landslide susceptibility mapping on the geographical information system (GIS) platform. The analytical hierarchy process (AHP), which is(More)
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