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This paper presents a method of estimating regional distributions of surface air temperature (Ta) and surface vapor pressure (ea), which uses remotely-sensed data and meteorological data as its inputs. The method takes into account the effects of both local driving force and horizontal advection on Ta and ea. Good correlation coefficients (R 2) and root(More)
Authentication and key agreement protocol is designed to provide pair of parties communicating over an insecure network with a secure session key. However, most of the existing authenticated key agreement protocols are not designed for protecting privacy. A mutual authentication key agreement protocol based on CPK technology and the improved Elliptic Curve(More)
The partitioning of available energy between sensible heat and latent heat is important for precise water resources planning and management in the context of global climate change. Land surface temperature (LST) is a key variable in energy balance process and remotely sensed LST is widely used for estimating surface heat fluxes at regional scale. However,(More)
Evapotranspiration (ET) is an essential part of the hydrological cycle and accurately estimating it plays a crucial role in water resource management. Surface energy balance (SEB) models are widely used to estimate regional ET with remote sensing. The presence of horizontal advection, however, perturbs the surface energy balance system and contributes to(More)
To achieve multi-channel acquisition of the signals with different sampling rates, the authors of this paper design a multi-channel signal acquisition module with field programmable gate array (FPGA) as the core. This module adopts FPGA chip as core controller of the system, for the purpose of controlling A/D converter, multi-channel analog switch gating,(More)
This system is based on MCU AVR8515 as a central control unit to control data collection and data memory. C language is used in the software programming, completing the program design. The whole system is not only the unique evaluation tool in design, but also the key to obtain the entire shock wave test data.