Suhong Tan

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Hoffmann (H) reflexes from foreleg flexor nerves were studied in cats. The right and left flexor nerves were stimulated and H reflexes were recorded from the same nerves. Paw preference was assessed by a food reaching test. Stimulation of the right median nerve elicited mono- and polysynaptic reflexes from the left ulnar nerve (crossed flexor nerve).(More)
BACKGROUND Prostatitis is a common and refractory urological disease with complicated etiology. Ureaplasma urealyticum (UU) has a close relationship with human urinary tract infection that can induce nonbacterial prostatitis. Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycoside (TWP) is a non-steroidal immune inhibitor that causes significant immune suppression and(More)
The effect of lithium and imipramin on paw preference was studied in cats. Paw preference was assessed by the food-reaching test. It was found that lithium decreased, and imipramin increased the asymmetry of paw use. The lithium effect was antagonized by imipramin. It was concluded that paw preference may reflect a biochemical asymmetry in the brain. These(More)
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