Suhib Younis Bani Melhem

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RESTful Web services are now emerging as an alternative to SOAP-based Web services and might be a more suitable choice in some cases. A comparison of two Web programming interfaces - the standard Parlay-X multimedia SOAP-based Web service and a RESTful Web service that offers the same functionalities - for developing multimedia conferencing applications(More)
RESTful web services are now emerging as an alternative that may be more suitable than SOAP-based counterparts in some cases. In this paper, we contrast these two web programmatic interfaces for the development of multimedia conferencing applications, an important category of web applications. A RESTful web service that offers the same functionality as the(More)
Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm, which utilizes dissipated resource benefits and supports resource sharing and time access flexibility. In addition, cloud provides different kinds of services mapped to users needs such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). There are two different(More)
Live virtual machine (VM) migration is defined as a technique that migrates the entire operating system (OS) and its associated applications from one host/physical server to another providing that users should not notice any interruption in their services. Live VM migration plays an important role to facilitate online maintenance, load balancing, and energy(More)
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