Suheyla Gonca

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The internal thoracic artery (ITA) is typically harvested from the chest wall by means of conventional electrocautery. We investigated the effects of electrocautery on endothelial-cell and vessel-wall morphology at the ultrastructural level during ITA harvesting. Internal thoracic artery specimens from 20 patients who underwent elective coronary artery(More)
OBJECTIVES The internal thoracic artery (ITA) is the preferred conduit for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. The authors investigated whether thoracic epidural anesthesia (TEA) as an adjunct to general anesthesia (GA) can increase the blood flow of the ITA. DESIGN A prospective randomized study. SETTING A university hospital. PARTICIPANTS(More)
BACKGROUND Optimization of saphenous vein patency for myocardial revascularization. OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to present the no-touch technique of saphenous vein preparation. This technique consists of harvesting the vein with a pedicle of surrounding tissue, which protects the vein from distension pressure. METHODS We performed a(More)
Cadherins, being responsible for selective cell recognition and normal tissue integrity in adults, regulate morphogenesis in a variety of organs during development. In this study, anti-rat pan-cadherin antibody, specific to all subgroups of the cadherin family, was used to map the distribution of the pan-cadherin immunoreactivity in adult rat organs.(More)
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