Suhas K. Ganguli

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OBJECTIVE To delineate the clinical behavior of SLE in children from Eastern India and to the differences in disease pattern. METHODS In the present study, all 44 patients of pediatric SLE who were diagnosed over a period of 5 years in our pediatric rheumatology clinic were followed prospectively. The resultant database was analyzed using standard(More)
Total 313 undergraduate students (132 males and 181 females) of the colleges of Nashik and Talegaon of Maharashtra were surveyed regard awareness about AIDS. Most of the students knew about AIDs and tests available. They were aware that people indulging sexually promiscuous relations are at risk of AIDS. But the fact that it is transmitted by infected blood(More)
We report clinico-serological profile of 210 children with Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), diagnosed as per ILAR classification criteria. Polyarticular, oligoarticular, and systemic onset disease was observed in 72, 69, and 40 children, respectively. The knee joint was the most frequently involved joint. Antinuclear factor and Rheumatoid factor were(More)
A study was conducted of the epidemiological aspects of 500 fresh cases of burns during the period February to August 1989. Women in the reproductive age group from the lower socioeconomic strata were the most frequently victims (52.8%). Four hundred and thirteen (82.5%) patients sustained accidental burns, 62 (12.4%) were suicidal and 25 (5%) homicidal.(More)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, multi-organ disease that predominantly affects young women of childbearing age. It is also a disease in which epigenetic modulation is emerging as an important mechanism for understanding how the environment interacts with inherited genes to produce disease. Much of the genetic risk for SLE identified in(More)