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Farmers as the earliest stage in supply chain networks are usually weak and have no bargaining power in commodities pricing, because the commodities availability depends on season and has a very high potential for damage before be processed into specific products. So the price of agricultural commodities has a very high risk of fluctuations compared to the(More)
One of the most important problems in pattern recognition is texture-based image classification. In this paper, the combination of Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM) methods for feature extraction was proposed. The attributes extracted from DCT method were mean and variance, while the attributes extracted from GLCM(More)
Accurate estimating software development effort is essential in effective project management processes such as budgeting, project planning and control. To achieve an accurate estimate some algorithmic estimation techniques proposed to eliminate or reduce inaccuracies estimation. COCOMO is a parametric model used to estimate software effort. However, so far(More)
In developing information system, privacy is an important component that must be guaranteed especially in government system. Indonesian government has introduced universal health care system that adopts Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG). This system is used to increase the service of healthcare providers and integrate patients' data. In Indonesia the universal(More)
Collaborative filtering method was widely used in the recommendation system. This method was able to provide recommendations to the user through the similarity values between users. However, the central issues in this method were new user issue and sparsity. This paper discusses about how to use matrix factorization and nearest-neighbour in film(More)
The goals of this paper is to implement classification technique in web usage mining to a bank company that can help the company to identify web performance issue. Web usage mining consists of three phases: data preprocessing, pattern discovery, and pattern analysis. In pattern discovery phase, we propose to use classification technique with k-nearest(More)
In 2010, Global Status Report on NCD World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 60 percent of deaths in the world caused by the non-communicable diseases, and one of the non-communicable diseases that consumed a lot of attention was diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a serious threat to the health development, because diabetes is a disease that caused most(More)
The high complexity of the supply chain network and the characteristics of products made supply chain management of agricultural products were more susceptible to the risks emergence of loss. Therefore, it is required to develop a mechanism for price negotiation which distributes the risks fairly for each stakeholder in the supply chain. In addition it is(More)
Query optimization in integrated database can’t be separated from data processing method. In order to have faster query response time, a method to optimize queries is required. One of many methods that can be used for query optimization is using fuzzy logic with Tsukamoto inference system. Value set on each variable is defined membership functions and(More)
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