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Designing block ciphers targeting resource constrained 8-bit CPUs is a challenging problem. There are many recent lightweight ciphers designed for better performance in hardware. On the other hand, most software efficient lightweight ciphers either lack a security proof or have a low security margin. To fill the gap, we present RoadRunneR which is an(More)
The usage of the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for neural network implementation provides flexibility in programmable systems. For the neural network based instrument prototype in real time application, conventional specific VLSI neural chip design suffers the limitation in time and cost. With low precision artificial neural network design, FPGAs(More)
In modern computer systems (communication systems, military systems, medical applications, etc.) are sophisticated mathematical operations and trigonometric calculations widely used. CORDIC (Coordinate Rotation DIgital Computer) architecture should be used on digital computers to implement complex mathematical operations and trigonometric calculations. In(More)
Abstract—Nowadays, image processing applications are frequently preferred in such fields as industrial automation, security, health, and traffic control in parallel with the developments in technology. The most important criterion for the applications used in these fields is to ensure the system to run at high speed and real time. Thus, FPGAs are commonly(More)
For the integration of smart antennas into third generation code division multiple access (CDMA) base stations, it still remains as a challenging task to implement smart antenna algorithms on programmable processors. In this paper, we study implementations of some CDMA compatible beamforming algorithms, namely least mean square (LMS), constant modulus (CM),(More)
In this paper, two-layered feed forward artificial neural network’s (ANN) training by back propagation and its implementation on FPGA (field programmable gate array) using floating point number format with different bit lengths are remarked based on EX-OR problem. In the study, being suitable with the parallel data-processing specification on ANN’s nature,(More)
“Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology”, abbreviated as Fatih, is among the most important educational projects in Turkey, in which students and teachers can use their tablet PCs to obtain educational data (text, images, media, etc.) stored in cloud servers. However, the limited network bandwidth and increase in both the(More)
Recently, with the increase in mobile and internet accessibility, it has become widespread that smart home systems can be managed remotely and monitored by mobile devices. In this study, a communication protocol between a mobil devices-embedded PC based control unit-sensors/actuators is designed and implemented. A handshaking mechanism between a mobile(More)
Image processing is used effectively in the medical field because of the convenience it brings to human life. Incorrect data which obtained during image processing operations in the medical area can have serious consequences. Therefore, the selection of the thresholding method used as pre-image processing step is also vital. In this study, comparison of(More)
The number of multi-storey building complex is increasing every day. Nowadays, widely used in the navigation system's position in the open space is provided by Global Positioning Satellite System GNSS. Unfortunately, the direct use of GNSS systems in indoor areas is not possible. Many technologies in the field of indoor location determination (Wireless,(More)