Suhap Sahin

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The usage of the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for neural network implementation provides flexibility in programmable systems. For the neural network based instrument prototype in real time application, conventional specific VLSI neural chip design suffers the limitation in time and cost. With low precision artificial neural network design, FPGAs(More)
Designing block ciphers targeting resource constrained 8-bit CPUs is a challenging problem. There are many recent lightweight ciphers designed for better performance in hardware. On the other hand, most software efficient lightweight ciphers either lack a security proof or have a low security margin. To fill the gap, we present RoadRunneR which is an(More)
For the integration of smart antennas into third generation code division multiple access (CDMA) base stations, it still remains as a challenging task to implement smart antenna algorithms on programmable processors. In this paper, we study implementations of some CDMA compatible beamforming algorithms, namely least mean square (LMS), constant modulus (CM),(More)
Localization methods enable estimating locations accurately and provide location information pertaining to mobile devices, people, cars, data and equipment. Accurate location detection is a vital process for most of location-based applications such as emergency rescue, in-building guidance, security services, and product tracking in hospitals. This paper(More)
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