Suhair Jaber

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Starting from the precursor [Zinc Valproate complex] (1), new mixed ligand zinc(II) complexes of valproic acid and nitrogen-based ligands, formulating as, [Zn(valp)22,9-dmphen] (2),(More)
A series of novel Zn(II) complexes [Zn2(nap)4] (1), [Zn(nap)21,10-phen](2), [Zn(nap)22,9-dmphen] (3), [Zn(nap)2(2-ampy)2] (4), [Zn(nap)2(imid)2] (5), [Zn(nap)2(1,2-dmimid)2] (6) (nap = naproxen,(More)
BACKGROUND The A1chieve, a multicentric (28 countries), 24-week, non-interventional study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of insulin detemir, biphasic insulin aspart and insulin aspart in(More)
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