Suhaila Sulaiman

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This paper discusses the analysis of signals generated from a set-up to detect water tree location in polymeric underground cables using PSpice simulation tool. The set-up is executed by implementing the time domain reflectometry (TDR) method in analysing the signals. To locate the water tree in a cable, signals are generated from both ideal and degraded(More)
Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) are proteins with affinity towards ice and contribute to the survival of psychrophiles in subzero environment. Limited studies have been conducted on how AFPs from psychrophilic yeasts interact with ice. In this study, we describe the functional properties of an antifreeze protein from a psychrophilic Antarctic yeast, Glaciozyma(More)
The Burkholderia genus includes many species that are known to survive in diverse environmental conditions including low nutrient environments. One species, Burkholderia pseudomallei is a versatile pathogen that can survive in a wide range of hosts and environmental conditions. In this study, we investigated how a nutrient depleted growth environment evokes(More)
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