Suhaila Samsuri

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Information privacy is regarded as the most important subject matter, especially in a paperless-based environment for hospitals which have adopted the Hospital Information System (HIS). A comprehensive model on securing the information privacy is therefore needed as a guideline for internal system designers and developers in order to ensure the efficiency(More)
Humans, including students, are partly responsible for rising levels of global warming through unsustainable computing practices. It is imperative that students participate in the global drive to reduce global warming through activities like green computing which advocates for sustainable use of computing resources to reduce energy consumption and carbon(More)
These days, there are an increasing number of studies in ICT has been done on the hadith domain in different levels of knowledge of hadith, where a number of studies have been conducted in IT to validate the Ahadith where most of them are based on the matching of test Ahadith with the authentic Ahadith in the database. However, there are limited(More)
According to muhaddithun, hadith is 'what was transmitted on the authority of The Prophet (PBUH): his deeds, sayings, tacit approvals, or description of his physical features and moral behaviors'. These days, there are an increasing number of studies in Information Technology (IT) has been done on hadith domain in different levels of knowledge of hadith,(More)
Asian communities have a distinctive concept in perceiving the value of information privacy, which is completely unique from the description set by western countries. This paper gathers the definition and the theory of information privacy culture. Based on the culture dimension theory of Hofstede, it attempts to reveal the perception and concern of Asian(More)
Customer satisfaction plays very important role in online shopping. There is always a drought on what actually drives the customer satisfaction in online shopping. Many studies have been done to understand the customer satisfaction in online shopping, however, as of now, there is no study found that have exactly define the user satisfaction through trust(More)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the world scenario including business and economies. There are new opportunities and challenges for every country to produce knowledge oriented citizens. Driven by these changes, numerous higher education institutions around the world are integrating and adopting latest ICT tools to deliver quality(More)
This paper reports on the user acceptance test (UAT) result that examine participants' acceptance of a library online database system that has been developed to support the process of studies and research among under graduate students. The objectives of the user acceptance test are to ensure the new system does what it set out to do and meets the(More)
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