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BACKGROUND Approximately 20-30% of patients chronically infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) have persistently normal alanine transaminase (PNALT) levels. These patients are described to have a mild degree of histological liver damage. We aimed to assess the histological liver changes in HCV patients with PNALT. PATIENTS AND METHODS Sixty-five patients(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatic granuloma (HG) has a high reported incidence in Saudi Arabia (14.6%). We aimed to identify the incidence of HG in our centres and review its presenting features and underlying aetiology. METHODS A total of 5531 liver biopsies were screened through a computer database over 13 years. Sixty-six (1.2%) patients fulfilled our inclusion(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe development and application of an iterative learning control (ILC) scheme for a tracking problem. The control objective is to achieve accurate tracking of a desired trajectory which is the path taken by a laser beam. Design/methodology/approach – It involves formulating an ILC scheme in two-dimensional (2D)(More)
Background There are several benefits of performing the mitral valve (MV) repair in minimally invasive technique, but it is considered difficult due to various reasons e.g. concerns of inferior outcome results compared to conventional technique, concerns of impaired patient safety and poor training. Therefore we propose a portable simulator for cardiac(More)
Methods The MV simulator was made from sponge with similar flexible properties to the normal MV components. PTFE chordae were used to create normal primary chordae during self-construction of the model. Different models with various pathologies were constructed. New Artificial chordae were placed in the pathological models utilizing diverse methods e.g.(More)
Background Nowadays the training in mitral valve (MV) surgery is competitive and difficult due to reasons including limited exposure, complexity of 3D structure of MV, complexity of surgical techniques used in MV repair and low rate of MV surgery in some centres. Therefore low-fidelity simulation in MV surgery becomes a necessity. We compare between the(More)
Background Presently the training in tricuspid valve (TV) surgery is difficult due to limited exposure of the TV, 3D complexity of TV components and repair procedures. Therefore we propose a portable simulator for cardiac trainees and junior surgeons to be proficient in TV surgical techniques and to minimize the learning curve. The simulator can be used for(More)
Rapid growth and improvement has been witnessed in the field of batteries usage in recent years. Batteries are vital part of our everyday life. Batteries are energy storage devices that have applications in everything from small portable electronics, covering solar energy usage up to aircraft and space vehicles. Various types of batteries are available in(More)