Suhail Ahmed

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INTRODUCTION The use of patient reported outcome measures to support routine inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) care is not widespread and suggests that existing questionnaires lack relevance to day-to-day decisions or are too cumbersome to administer. We developed a simple, generic tool for capturing disease control from the patient's perspective to address(More)
The study developed a model for production performance management of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Sweden. The developed model works for assessing, follow up and improvement in production performance. SMEs differ in size, structure, culture, competition, management practices, resource availability and lot more when compared with large(More)
Using nite element software developed for metal cutting by Third Wave Systems we investigate the forces involved in chatter, a self-sustained oscillation of the cutting tool. The phenomena is decomposed into a vibrating tool cutting a at surface work piece, and motionless tool cutting a work piece with a wavy surface. While cutting the wavy surface, the(More)
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