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BACKGROUND & AIMS The gastric hormone gastrin regulates acid secretion, gene expression, and the functional development and cellular composition of the gastric mucosa. Using a gene array, we sought to identify major, novel, gastrin-regulated genes. METHODS A cancer gene array was probed with samples from the gastric cancer cell line AGS, expressing the(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of patient reported outcome measures to support routine inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) care is not widespread and suggests that existing questionnaires lack relevance to day-to-day decisions or are too cumbersome to administer. We developed a simple, generic tool for capturing disease control from the patient's perspective to address(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Interactions between epithelial and stromal cells are important determinants of mucosal organization, but the signaling mechanisms are understood incompletely. Matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-7 is produced uniquely in epithelia, may act on growth factors and matrix proteins, and in the stomach is increased with Helicobacter pylori(More)
Using nite element software developed for metal cutting by Third Wave Systems we investigate the forces involved in chatter, a self-sustained oscillation of the cutting tool. The phenomena is decomposed into a vibrating tool cutting a at surface work piece, and motionless tool cutting a work piece with a wavy surface. While cutting the wavy surface, the(More)
Selecting patients with head and neck cancer requiring a pretreatment gastrostomy feeding tube is not straightforward. The nutritional status and functional deficits associated with the cancer, its treatment, and the long-term side effects predicate the need for gastrostomy tube placement. However, gastrostomy tubes are not without morbidity and are an(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are an emerging type of networks formed by a set of distributed sensor nodes that collaborate to monitor environmental and physical conditions. Mobile medical sensor devices are rapidly emerging as one promising way to monitor patient health and the quality of patient care while improving convenience to the patient and(More)
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