Suhabe Bugrara

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We present a new classification system for aspect-oriented programs. This system characterizes the interactions between aspects and methods and identifies classes of interactions that enable modular reasoning about the crosscut program. We argue that this system can help developers structure their understanding of aspect-oriented programs and promotes their(More)
We present an overview of the Saturn program analysis system, including a rationale for three major design decisions: the use of function-at-a-time, or summary-based, analysis, the use of constraints, and the use of a logic programming language to express program analysis algorithms. We argue that the combination of summaries and constraints allows Saturn(More)
Operating systems divide virtual memory addresses into kernel space and user space. The interface of a modern operating system consists of a set of system call procedures that may take pointer arguments called user pointers. It is safe to dereference a user pointer if and only if it points into user space. If the operating system dereferences a user pointer(More)
Advances in SAT solver technology have enabled many automated analysis and reasoning tools to reduce their input problem to a SAT problem, and then to use an efficient SAT solver to solve the underlying analysis or reasoning problem. The solving time for SAT solvers can vary substantially for semantically identical SAT problems depending on how the problem(More)
For ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) to succeed financially, it is critical for ASC managers to schedule surgical procedures in a manner that optimizes operating room (OR) efficiency. OR efficiency is maximized by using historical data to accurately predict future OR workload, thereby enabling OR time to be properly allocated to surgeons. Other strategies(More)
Many recent tools use dynamic symbolic execution to perform tasks ranging from automatic test generation, finding security flaws, equivalence verification, and exploit generation. However, while symbolic execution is promising, it perennially struggles with the fact that the number of paths in a program increases roughly exponentially with both code and(More)
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