Suguru Sangu

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A nanoscale data summation architecture is proposed and experimentally demonstrated based on the optical near-field interaction between quantum dots. Based on local electromagnetic interactions between a few nanometric elements via optical near fields, we can combine multiple excitations at a certain quantum dot, which allows construction of a summation(More)
We approach nanophotonic computing on the basis of optical near-field interactions between quantum dots. A table lookup, or matrix-vector multiplication, architecture is proposed. As fundamental functionality, a data summation mechanism and digital-to-analog conversion are experimentally demonstrated using CuCl quantum dots. Owing to the(More)
Ultrahigh-density data-broadcasting optical interconnects are proposed and experimentally demonstrated using optical near-field interactions between quantum dots, which cannot be driven by far-field light, allowing sub-wavelength device operation, and far-field excitation for global interconnects. The proposed scheme helps to solve interconnection(More)
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