Sugree Phatanapherom

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SUMMARY Many production Grid and e-Science infrastructures have begun to offer services to end-users during the past several years with an increasing number of scientific applications that require access to a wide variety of resources and services in multiple Grids. Therefore, the Grid Interoperation Now—Community Group of the Open Grid Forum—organizes and(More)
One of the problems with the wide adoption of clusters for mainstream high performance computing is the difficulty in building and managing the system. There are many efforts in solving this problem by building fu lly automated, integrated software distribution from several open source software. However, these sets of software come from many sources and(More)
This practices and experience paper describes the coordination, design, implementation, availability, and performance of the Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) grid testbed. Applications in high-energy physics, genome annotation, quantum computational chemistry, wildfire simulation, and protein sequence alignment have driven the(More)
To develop grid scheduling algorithms, a high performance simulator is necessary since grid is an uncontrollable and unrepeatable environment. In this paper, a discrete event simulation library called HyperSim is used as extensible building blocks for grid scheduling simulator. The use of event graph model for the grid simulation are proposed. This model is(More)
This paper describes the coordination, design and implementation of the PRAGMA Grid. Applications in genomics, quantum mechanics, climate simulation, organic chemistry and molecular simulation have driven the middleware requirements, and the PRAGMA Grid provides a mechanism for 288 C. Zheng et al. science and technology teams to collaborate, for grids to(More)
Fast real-time monitoring of system information is important to the understanding of parallel system especially for a large cluster system that appeared recently. Making the system fast and scalable at the same time is still a challenging task. This paper presents the design and implementation of a fast and real time monitoring system called SCMS/RMS. This(More)
Efficient and dynamic resources scheduling algorithms are needed to harness the hidden power of a Grid System. In this work, a few economic scheduling algorithms have been proposed. First, Grid system is modeled using a vector space approach. Then, a cost function for the operation has been defined. Using the model and cost function defined, a few new(More)
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