Sughashini Murugesu

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Fluctuations in the shape of amnioserosa (AS) cells during Drosophila dorsal closure (DC) provide an ideal system with which to understand contractile epithelia, both in terms of the cellular mechanisms and how tissue behaviour emerges from the activity of individual cells. Using quantitative image analysis we show that apical shape fluctuations are driven(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore undergraduate medical students' attitudes towards and opinions about leadership and management education. DESIGN Between 2009 and 2012 we conducted a qualitative study comprising five focus group discussions, each devoted to one of the five domains in the Medical Leadership Competency Framework, (Personal Qualities, Working with(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect, if any, of calcium ionophore as a method of artificial oocyte activation (AOA) on pregnancy outcomes and fertilization rates. DESIGN Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, prospective observational and retrospective trials, case reports, and a case-control trial. SETTING University-affiliated teaching hospital. (More)
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