Sugato Chakrabarty

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An assembly sequence planner is a system which, given a description of an assembly to be manufactured, identiies subassemblies and generates high-level plans for the construction of the each subassembly, including the nal assembly. Previous research has shown that feasible plans can be eeciently produced for large assemblies, but the generation of good(More)
This paper describes and analy es the most commonly used form of constraint languages for assembly planning: mating constraint languages. These constraints are typically composed of relations asserting that a certain pair of parts must be mated before some other pair of parts may be mated. However there are many significant differences between the forms of(More)
In the body shop of an automobile assembly plant, having access to correct and timely diagnostic information is very important for solving equipment and tooling maintenance problems. Variation Reduction Adviser (VRA) is an internal General Motors (GM) system that contains information related to the problems encountered in process, their root cause and(More)
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