Sugata Mukhopadhyay

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Despite recent advances in authoring systems and tools, creating multimedia presentations remains a labor-intensive process. This paper describes a system for automatically constructing structured multimedia documents from live presentations. The automatically produced documents contain synchronized and edited audio, video, images, and text. Two essential(More)
To conduct efficient information filtering, uncertainties occurring at multiple levels must be managed. Uncertainties can occur due to changing document space as well as stochasticity and non-stationarity of the user. A new filtering model based on established techniques in information retrieval and artificial intelligence is proposed. These techniques(More)
This paper presents a new approach for constructing libraries for building processing-intensive multimedia software. Such software is currently constructed either "from scratch" or by using high-level libraries. We have found that the second approach produces inefficient code, while the first approach is time-consuming. We therefore designed and implemented(More)
Service-oriented systems are distributed systems which have the major advantage of enabling rapid composition of distributed applications, regardless of the programming languages and platforms used in developing and running different components of the applications. In these systems, various capabilities are provided by different organizations as services(More)
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