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OBJECTIVES Epidemiological studies evaluating the association of tea consumption and the risk of thyroid cancer risk have produced inconsistent results. Thus, we conducted a meta-analysis to assess the relationship between tea consumption and thyroid cancer risk. METHODS Pertinent studies were identified by a search in PubMed and Web of Knowledge. The(More)
Community structure analysis is a critical task for complex network analysis. It helps us to understand the properties of the system that a complex network represents, and has significance to a wide range of real applications. The Label Propagation Algorithm (LPA) is currently the most popular community structure analysis algorithm due to its near linear(More)
—Cloud computing can provide critical services for business management, reducing IT costs and maintenance costs of hardware and software effectively. In the meanwhile, it can enable enterprises to access to professional IT solutions with less IT investment. Cloud computing is of great significance for the ICT industry of each country. It is now bringing(More)
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