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All Internet facing systems and applications carry security risks. Security professionals across the globe generally address these security risks by Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). The VAPT is an offensive way of defending the cyber assets of an organization. It consists of two major parts, namely Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and(More)
Internet has opened unlimited avenues of opportunity by enabling organizations to conduct business and share information on a global basis. However, it has also brought new levels of security concerns and Cyber threats. It exposes valuable corporate information, mission critical business applications and consumer's private information to more risk than(More)
In Today's age of growing connectivity, anything and everything remains connected. This makes Security, one of the prime concerns of every Information System in Cyber Space. Hence, Information Security Management is something that Organizations cannot afford to compromise. In this evolving era of Offensive technologies, the practice of Cyber Defence has(More)
With increasing world-wide connectivity of Information systems, and growth in accessibility of data resources, the threat to the Integrity and Confidentiality of Data and Services has also increased. Every now and then cases of Hacking and Exploitation are being observed. So in order to remain immune and minimize such threats, the Organizations conduct(More)
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